May 26, 2014

Dream Cars Come True

Redraw of a picture I did many years ago. Is it any improvement? I'm not sure.

May 23, 2014


Black and white version, first. Though this is basically already his skin and hair color. Edit: color version added. On the positive side, I was able to accomplish this without the use of any Adobe products (take that!); on the negative, I had to do the colors on top of a low-resolution original which led to some unpleasantness.

May 22, 2014


He's about to burn up in the atmosphere, but never mind.

May 20, 2014


Trying to get away from drawing people all the time. Zoom!

May 16, 2014


You might not get it. And even then, you probably don't want it.

The Record Gonk

Watch out, he'll eat all your "vinyls!" And geez, look, it's almost exactly a year since I posted here last. Roughly coinciding with a fallow period that produced no finished artwork (other than napkin doodles). Let's move onward an upward, shall we?

May 17, 2013

More! New!

Not intended to represent "before and after" views of the same subject.

Three New Ones

Three illustrations that will appear in a to-be-announced publication (not long from now, really). I'll add further details when the time arrives. Unrelated item: I deleted 250+ old posts, and their related images, this morning. Some of 'em dating back as far as 2005. Let's call it a determined case of closet-cleaning, and removal of a lot of substandard work that I'd rather not share with the art-appreciating public. Stuff from the last couple years remains.
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