November 30, 2012

Illustration Friday: Stretch

Taking part in the Illustration Friday project again, after a long hiatus. Dedicated to a certain kitty!

November 29, 2012


I forgot my regular drawing utensils today, so I gotta work with what's on hand (mainly, felt-tipped pens). With that in mind, I produced this doodle/sketch in semi-tribute to Enki Bilal, Moebius and a couple other similarly-inclined illustrators. Call it a "heavily-indebted semi-tribute." Note: you gotta click on the picture for the full view.

November 17, 2012


I guess my Patrick Nagel-esque period is starting about now?

November 14, 2012

Another Ancient Punker

This is another quick doodle, done on the last day of 2007, and colored this morning (how's that for recycling?). I was probably looking at photo reference for this, but can't recall clearly. I do remember being pretty eager to ring in a new year.

November 13, 2012

Little Superhero

Just a little drawing done out of boredom today. I tried to shy away from the generic red-and-blue superhero long-johns for this guy, but nothing else seems appropriate! The original drawing is very small (2" x 3") which accounts for some of the chunkiness and roughness in the lines. Right?
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