June 8, 2017

Re-Make / Re-Model 002

It's late on a Thursday night, it's threatening to rain out there, and I'm going to while away a few minutes with another entry in the Re-Make / Re-Model series, wherein I take an old bit of graphic design or visual presentation,  put my semi-spin on it, and then share it with you, the reader (you can see the first entry in the series here). 

Years ago, I picked up this photo book adaptation of Alain Resnais & Alain Robbe-Grillet's Last Year at Marienbad, published by Grove press in 1962. it's a mix of still photographs from the well-regarded film and the screenplay translated from the original French. The cover shows stars Delphine Seyrig and Giorgio Albertazzi in a tight close-up overlaid with hot pink, red and orange blocks of color. It also touts the film's pedigree to an audience that probably never got to see the flick. Did it play in Peoria?

What appears below can't be called a final design (more like a comp), but I'm not afraid to put my name on it. The enduring image associated with the film will always be Seyrig in her unique feathered mantle, designed by Bernard Evein, so I opted for the obvious and included the vectorized monochrome image you see below. The title block obscures part of her face (which I would normally hate), but it's gotta go somewhere. Disclosure: When first daydreaming about this project, I considered knocking out an early-60s-style symbolic illustration of the cast. But! I think it would have been a mistake to step away from the actual imagery of the film.

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